Friday, July 18, 2008

Top 5 things i hate about 5 star hotels.

5. Most of the food Looks delicious but tastes normal.

4- The overpriced items in the room's refrigerator and the room service menu.

3- The music in the reception and the restaurants.

2- The early breakfasts. i'm in a VACATION for God's sake. breakfasts should be extended till noon.

and the thing i hate most about all five star hotels:

1- the way they stuff the blanket so tightly beneath the mattress. every night i have to spend 10 minutes of kicking with my leg to free myself from the damn blanket. i hate how they expect us to sleep like King Tut without turning over.


gjoe said...

This was well needed laugh after a long tiring WEEK!!

Thank you very much :D

greyscale said...



insomniac said...


couldn't agree more!!

Deeeeeee said...

Absolutely hilarious!! When I was younger, I used to go down to have breakfast go back to my room and sleep till noon! (Back then breakfast was still an option, and I wasn't always on a diet)

And the blankets... :D