Saturday, December 30, 2006


happy eid to all you bloggers out there...enjoy the fatta!

also, today its ahly vs zamalek... GO AHLY!!!

bad news: i just found out that they executed saddam hussein this morning. maybe he deserves to be executed for his crimes (allah a3lam)...but why today? i think its on purpose. they're treating him like a sacrifice as we do with sheep on this special day.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

everyone has a thing

so exam season started, and for the next month or so i "should" be busy. the reason i have the word should in quotations is that yesterday was my first exam, and you'd expect me to study for it at least for a day. my exam was at 8:00am, i started studying at 4:00am. the fact that the subject was an easy one is irrelevant...its a FINAL EXAM for God's sake. and i already failed 2 years, ya3ni mesh na2sa...ok, i'll walk you through my day and you can judge for yourself how irresponsible and lazy i've become.

the previous night i had slept at 11:00pm (much earlier than my usual bedtime) so that i could wake up early and therefore sleep early the next night (exam night). so far so good, right? well i woke up at 2:00pm...that's alot of sleep. after waking up i knew what kind of day it was gonna be. the lazy, irritating, and yet guilt-free kind.

i didn't start studying immediately because i always convince myself that i can't study while i'm i had to wait for lunch which was at 5:00...after lunch ofcourse i had to rest because the food made me feel all heavy and stuff.

suddenly its 8:00pm.

i started fooling around with my new digital camera...its 9:00pm.

ok this is when my addiction started to reveal its colours. chess. like i said in a previous post i enjoy the game alot...i started playing online chess for almost 4 hours...yes FOUR long hours down the drain, playing a stupid game on an exam night.

no guilt, nothing.

..went down to walk Kiki(our pet dog - rottweiler) and then i started to feel a little bit worried that i might not finish the whole curriculum in the next 4 hours...yes, ridiculous.

thank God i started studying at that point, because it was just about enough time to finish up what i'd missed from lectures i attended throughout the semester.

funny enough, i did pretty good in the exam. it was just that easy i guess (not something i'm used to in this college).

ok so this incident supports my theory: everyone has a thing. every single one of us. there's mainly one thing that everyone spends time doing or thinking about more than anything else. obsession is too strong of a word, but its close to what i mean.

that thing could be your love life, outings with friends, watching tv, praying, blogging, or just your job. whether you like it or not, that thing has some control over your mind.

mine's chess....what's yours?