Saturday, March 10, 2007

who do you hate more?

if you had the choice to ban either the people driving too fast or those who drive too slow, who would you choose?

i would definitely ban all the very slow drivers.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

laziness no more

i own a '97 opel corsa. i love my car but i do little to show it. little things keep getting worn out and i'm always too lazy to fix them. i always brag about loving my car despite it being the least classy of all five cars we own. whenever given the option to take any of our other cars to do an errand i always prefer taking my own car. because i love driving it. because i love hatchback cars. because i love how stable it is. because i love its control.

i'm the most lazy person i know. yesterday i woke up and decided to change that. i decided not to go to college and instead go to the mechanic and spend the day there fixing the millions of things i needed to fix in my car.

here's a list of some of the things that needed fixing:
  • the cooling system was leaking
  • the cooling system was all rusty and needed to get cleaned
  • the wipers were worn out
  • the water pump that supplies the wipers wasn't working
  • the right rear-end lights weren't working
  • the a/c wasn't working
  • the cassette player wasn't working (only fm)
  • the handbrake was weak
  • the suspension system needed to be checked on
so after spending more than 8 hours with the mechanic here's what i did get fixed:
  • cooling system fixed
  • cooling system cleaned and changed coolant
  • rear lights
  • a/c
  • suspension system
  • handbrake
i didn't fix the wipers because there wasn't a near-by shop that sells them. the water pump needs to be replaced too but i won't do that anytime soon probably because winter's practically over and i could use the money.

the cassette player needs replacement too but i'm thinking of buying an mp3 player instead and hooking it up with the car speakers.