Thursday, May 24, 2007

i hate it when this happens

i get a missed call on my cell phone from a friend of mine, so i call back to see what's up.

me: alo
him: aywa yabni ezayak
me: tammam ahl, eh el akhbar?
him: enta fel beet?
me: aywa
him: tab kallemny 3al beet delwa2ty
me: tab wenta matkallemtesh 3al beet mel awel leh?
him: makontesh 3aref enak fel beet
me: tayeb.

i call him at home.

him: aywa ba2ollak, hateegy el koleya bokra?
me: isa
him : tab ok..c u there isa..

and this is normally where i slam the phone down in his face.
he couldn't have just said these three words on the cell phone and got it over with??!