Friday, June 27, 2008


a word of advice: do not watch The "Incredible" Hulk. (the quotations add a whole new meaning to the tite)

a more valuable word of advice: do not watch The Happening.

the most valuable piece of advice ever: do not watch any movie you haven't watched a trailer to and/or have read that it has good reviews.

bas khalas.


gjoe said...

Bass ana seme3t enn incredible hulk dah 7elow!

And yes, do not watch the happening..unless you have an IQ of a leather bag.

greyscale said...

so in ur case valuable advice number 1 conflicts with valuable advice number 3....hmmm.

i guess you'll have to follow ur intuition on that one although i strongly believe that the movie sucks.

Deeeeeee said...

Eih da! I wanted to see the incredible hulk.. I'm a huuuuge fan of Edward Norton, however incredible the movie may be (I have seen the illusionist... aal timing is everything aal!), is it that bad?

I did hear that the happening is the worst! Someone I know actually refers to it as The Crappening! w kollaha kam osbou3 wel cinema hate2leb 3arabi! :(