Wednesday, July 23, 2008


just a couple of hours ago i experienced a truly horrific experience.

i was driving my car on the Daa2ery highway when suddenly i found that a big accident had just happened seconds before i arrived. The people weren't even gathered yet. my first thought was that i would stop to help if i saw someone hurt, but if it's just the car that's been damaged i wouldn't that i don't block up the road.

i looked beside me inside one of the cars that's been in the accident and i saw an old man, sitting next to the driver, having a heart attack. The man had his arms held in front of him with his palms dangling downwards, his eyes were squinching, his eyebrows expressing fear. The car was filled with panic. i immediately decide to pull over and see how i can help. while pulling over to the right side of the road i bumped into the rear bumper of another car. i was only moving at 10 km/h hour or so. no time for apologies, there's a man on the verge of death and there's little we can do.

i stop the car and go running to the old man's car and i find his 30 year old son (in the driver's seat) shaking him and screaming " Matmotsh ya Baba!! Ya Baba Rod 3alayya!! ". there were 2 women screaming and crying in the back seat.

I was helpless. I was thinking of any way i could help. Do i pick him up and take him to the hospital? Is he too fragile? Where IS the nearest hospital anyways? Will he die on the way there? Do i move away and give him space to breath instead?

By now many people have been gathered around the man's car which made me urge everyone to step back since the guy could use the air. i opened the car's door and let the old man's feet out of the car. The son was still shaking his father and screaming at him.

The old man began nodding lightly indicating that he's feeling better. He wants to comfort his son. I was releived to see that he was aware of what was happening around him. The gathered people decide to stay away and give him more air to breath which made a big difference. A couple of minutes later the man felt somewhat better and the car took off, probably heading to a hospital.

The other car that was involved in the accident was completely destroyed. The woman sitting in the front seat had a face full of blood from the collision with the glass. Thank God it was only some minor cuts that caused this... a couple of tissues and some water made the lady look and feel much better. Thankfully, no one else was hurt.

We carried the damaged car to the side of the road then i got into my car. I find a guy my age waiting next to my car accussing me of breaking his car's rear bumper. i was surprised that in the midst of all this nervous tension he could still think about the slight damage in his car that i have caused. i apologized to him but i justified my self by telling him that i wasn't even looking on my right side when pulling over, i was concentrating on the man dying in his car. it's not the smartest thing to do but we were barely moving and i couldn't look away from the man. the guy accpeted my apology but apparently his mother (sitting in the back seat of his car) didn't. she was shouting at me for bumping into them. i apologized again offering to fix his car if he wishes. he denied, got into his car and went home.


gjoe said...

Rabbena ye7fazna gamee3an wel 7amdolellah things weren't any more dramatic!

This summer is full of "accidents" i tell you that!

Deeeeeee said...

Ya sater ya rab! My heart fell to my knees as I was reading that!

haijekov said...

thank god all turned well man!

greyscale said...

yep..i'm glad it all turned out relatively well.

hesperia said...

thats terrible! i can't believe that woman:S
hey! the egyptian red crescent offers free first aid courses- which r really good, i took one myself, and not too medical- to members, and becoming a member is really easy, u just gotta bring a copy of ur ID, 3 pics, and a "health" certif to the ERC youth club closest to ur residence- there's one in nasr city, one in zenhom and another in gala2. the annual membership is for LE60, and u can attend sports trainings and other courses for free.
i really think that 1st aid courses should be provided to everyone, specialy in cairo :-)

greyscale said...

thanks hesperia, first aid courses is a great're right it would make a huge difference if everyone knows a little about first aid.