Monday, June 09, 2008

i've changed

i used to be passionate about music.

i used to be passionate about soccer.

i used to be passionate about chess.

i used to be passionate about architecture.

i used to be passionate about photography.

i used to be passionate about reading and learning.

i used to be passionate about my job.

i used to be passionate about blogging.

i've become dead inside.

that's depressing.


Deeeeeee said...

Ya greyscale! There comes a time in one's life...

you'll be just fine, it might be a change of heart, a bend in the road or it might be a wake up call.

Come on! Have some faith in you... I know I do.. You're my favorite blogger! :)

greyscale said...

lool....first of all thanks for the compliment:)

but actually i wasn't writing that post in a when's-my-life-gonna-end kinda mood, it was more of a i-hate-what-my-life-has-become-and-i'm
-willing-to-change-it attitude.

but now that i read the original post i can totally understand how you got that impression.

by-the-way-what's-the-word-limit to-these-kinds-of-adjective/sentence-thingees??

gjoe said...


greyscale said...

thanks gjoe!

Anonymous said...

Depressive indeed! I realize the real world is a kick in the head, but fear not, it will get better.

Rick said...

It sounds like you need to make some changes in your life. The difficulty is figuring out what you need to change.

Vile said...

It's classic burn out.
I used to play online chess for the longest time, and then one day i just quit and never went back.