Thursday, November 17, 2011

conspiracy theories

i don't believe conspiracy theories easily.  i don't like to blame our failures on other people's bad intentions.  i do believe that we are targeted by some people, but not in the "the whole world is against us" kind of way.

surprisingly, what made me write this blog post isn't anything related to the revolution in egypt...not the arrivals, freemasonry (الماسونية), freedom house, intelligence agencies, or any of that normal stuff we hear about every day...what made me think of this topic is an article i read a couple of days ago on a chess website.  it was an initiative by an international organization aiming to teach women in Palestine chess.  i thought what a cool initiative, how thoughtful of them...of course there are much more important things to do which could help the palestinians in these rough times, but it's the thought that counts.  When i read more into the article i started having second thoughts, but maybe it's just me.  it's particularly the following paragraph which made me suspicious about their intentions:

The intrinsic values of chess (such as perseverance, discipline, creativity, accepting defeat, continual quest for progress and focus) will facilitate these vulnerable young women’s personal development, improve their emotional stability and encourage their social integration.

Accepting defeat?? yeah because in chess, unlike all other sports and games, there is a winner and a loser.  how ridiculous is it to include "accepting defeat" amongst the benefits of learning chess??? am i over reacting here? do u think it was just bad taste from the author? or is there some kind of message they're trying to convey to the women of palestine that they should give up and accept the current status as it is?

tell me what u guys think about this, i'd really like to know if you think i'm over-reacting.


gjoe said...

It caught my eyes bardo. It is fishy.

Fadfadation said...

"al inhezameya" is not something nice