Tuesday, June 02, 2009


When you're driving and you want to change lanes...does the signal you are giving mean that:

a) you are asking for permission from the driver in the car behind you to let you go in front of him/her, and they have the right to either let you change lanes or not.

b) you are notifiying the driver that you are going to change lanes anyways, so they should slow down a bit.


gjoe said...

It is for notification purposes..

Bass I have a very nice philosophy in life, or driving for that matter "elly yeksar 3alaya, meseeroh yekkser 3aleeh"

Including myself that is!

Deeeeeee said...

To me it means: I have the intention of moving to your lane, when the time is right. Sometimes people are decent and give you a chance to pass.Other sometimes, when they are very very persistent not to let you pass to the extent that you could miss your exit its not even for notification, it just done by habit. I MISS MY LADA!

Zaina said...

Man the whole world z taken by a storm..
May b u should consider re-blogging..
Btw, awesome posts and clips selection..
Will make it here over and over again :)
Best of all the best Wael

grey said...

Thanks Zaina, it means a lot coming from a talented blogger as yourself :)