Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mubarak's grandson

Today's sad news left everyone feeling sympathy for the president's family, even though none of us knew anything about his grandson. It goes without saying that dealing with death is never easy, especially if it's a child.

The cause of death until now is still unknown to the public, although many people have made different speculations. I have narrowed them down to the following 3:

1-Amr Adib says the boy had a rare fatal brain disease which activates without any warning.

2-Some friends told me he had an accident playing Tennis (which i find strange) or Riding a Beach Buggy

3- Some Israeli journals and egyptian blogs say he suffered from food poisoning after eating bad food from a restaurant.

ta3adatad al asbab wal mawt wa7ed.

rabbena yer7amo we yesabbar ahlo.