Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Damn *itches!

i'm speechless.

i can't believe she could do such a thing. it hurts me to say it, but the *itch has done the most awful thing i could imagine.

she ran away from home, OUR HOME, committed fornication, and returned back guilt-free.


and might i add, that her partner in such a crime was nothing but a WORTHLESS STREET RAT!!

you haven't heard nothing yet...we just learned that the b**** is PREGNANT!!

i'm thinking of killing her AND her baby. they both mean nothing to me now.

my whole family is furious with her, my mom can't even look her in the eye.

so now we have to wait for an unwanted baby to be born. what the hell are we supposed to do with it?? we most definitely can't raise a street rat among us.

i knew i should've bought a male rottweiler instead.


Zee Puppette said...


Deeeeeee said...

Well, that's not the post I was hoping to read and comment "welcome back" to! I certainly hope you're referring to the maid or something!

greyscale said...
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Daysleeper said...

oh my goodness!

i've never read this blog before and for a second i thought you were talking about a female relative or something-- i was so horrified and ready to yell at you!

it's easy to see that roald dahl has permanently ****ed up your brain too (he raised me). i was just going to say 'hi, i love roald dahl' but i actually got really worked up over your post.

i hope you're not the same blog guy who liked roald dahl but then turned out to be kinda icky and a sell out in real life. and if you

anyway, hi :)

greyscale said...

heey daysleeper, how's it going??

nice to know there are other roald dahl fans out there...and no, i'm not the blogger guy ur referring to.

Daysleeper said...

whoa, you're up late too? did you ever get scared of 'the witching hour'? he kept mentioning it in all his books--i used to force myself to be asleep at midnight so i wouldnt get kidnapped by giants or cursed by witches--but then i'd end up staying awake in horror.

i shall link you now in my bloggy. you seem nice.
don't you dare turn out to be mean and judgey dont you dare, i can't stand another disappointment.
*menacing finger point*

yes this is how i attempt to be friendly. welcome.

i look forward to our many anonymous chats + possible and horribly awkward attempt at offline friendship in the future


greyscale said...

looking forward to that too, daysleeper.

i added ur link too.

7aki Fadi said...

HAHAHAHA. That was funny but kinda creepy at the same time.

greyscale said...

glad you liked it 7aki, and thanks for the visit:)

ISIS said...

eghsel 3arak we 3ar abook be eedak ya metwalli

greyscale said...


it's nice having you here isis...i follow ur blog regularly but i rarely have anything to say.

gjoe said...

First I was like: Ya Sater ya Rabb!I hope this is not a relative..

Then Dee suggested it is the maid then I was like : Pheeeeewww!

Now you say it's your dog and I am like: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!

what can I say..mennak lellah..bass 7elwa ;)..bass mate3mlhash tany

greyscale said...

lool...mashi ya gjoe...akher marra, wa3d.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

for a second I thought you were talking about your cat or something :D then you said ran away with a rat!

anyways, you couldn't fool me, i was sure you meant some sort of pets... :P

Anonymous said...

DUDE that was so frikkin cool!!!
got me there :D