Monday, December 24, 2007

things i learned from my trip to the desert

- the beauty of God's nature
- why the toyota landcruiser is the only car suitable for the desert
- how quite it can be
- how cold it gets
- how underrated water heaters are
- the effect of listening to your echo bouncing between the mountains of a completely vacant desert
- how much the full moon glows at night
- how colorful the oasis looks in the midst of a monochrome environment
- how cozy and relaxing it is to sit beside a fire in a cold winter night
- how soothing and relieving it is to sit in a hut lit by candles
- how entertaining it is to play a tight game of Estimation (cards).
- how rewarding it feels to look at the vast desert from a new perspective after spending 2 hours climbing a large rocky mountain

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kovs said...

Welcome to life dear brother :)

I wish you relive soon and on a periodical bassis :)