Saturday, August 04, 2007

things that happened in the past few weeks

- went to sa7el with friends...had a great time
- grades came out - i have now officially graduated ahl :) i could write ALOT about how i feel right now, but i'll save you the headache. "happy and proud" should do for now.
- had an interview with a leading architecture firm...i impressed them and they were willing to hire me, but i wasn't happy with the conditions...they improved the offer and i declined again. my family and friends think i made a mistake.
- my sister got married, beautiful outdoor wedding. now spending her honeymoon in Paris and Venice.
- trying to learn Interior Designing on my own through books and internet while searching for available courses in cairo.


gjoe said...

Hay! Congrats for ur graduation and ur sister's wedding :D

good luck with ur new life..enjoy it to the fullest!

P.S: for the job offer you turned down, even if you did turn down a not very good offer, maybe it was never meant to be, and whenever someone tells you "you made the wrong choice", respond by the magic words "قدر الله و ما شاء فعل"

greyscale said...


thanks gjoe and good luck to u too.

Juka said...

MABROUK! That's great news. You are now a certified engineer :) Congrats to the sis too.

palo-girl said...

mabrouk :)
its always good to see happy news :)

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

right you are!
pretty much living the same experience..
try to improve myself thru the internet to, but can't you feel a little bit bored?
God... i wish this phase to pass in peace