Sunday, July 15, 2007


i'm done. after 7 years of torture i finally finished college.

how much time do u think is appropriate before i start looking for a job? keep in mind that i apply for the military service next january. so during these 5 months any job i take will not be with a contract.


Deeeeeee said...

Mabrooooooooook but.. yaah seven years, ya 7araam! I don't know what they do to you people in handasa!! It is inhumane (SOMETIMES)... how much time you need to rest is directly proportional to nothing at all... quoting my mom when I first thought I wanted to rest before I start looking for a job "enti ba2aalek 20 sana meraya7a.. hatraya7i aktar min keda?"
I'd say start as soon as possible (as in rest to be calculated in weeks not in months), military service isn't a sure thing... and besides... Early bird gets the early job opportunity, walla eih? :)

Congratulations once again and enjoy your time off. I hope your project was great! :)

greyscale said...

allah yebarek feeky:)

ur probably right, but i know i'll regret it later if i don't take a break now.

i think i'm gonna start looking for a job now, but i'll only start working on the first of september..i already made arrangements to travel with my friends in july and again in august so that's the main reason i'm gonna start working in september.

Jannah said...

i think september would be great. I'll start taking it seriously aiming at september too. Alf mabrook.... akheeeeeeeeran khalast handasa el7amdollah 3ala kheer :):)

Have a happy relaxing break. Congrats again!

greyscale said...

allah yebarek feeky:)

thanks jannah

gjoe said...


I feel related to anyone finishing college and have no idea about when/how/why exactly do you start looking for a job!

and have fun traveling

greyscale said...

thanks gjoe!!

and congrats to you too for graduating:)