Friday, October 21, 2011


I can't promise that i'll stay here for long but it feels good to be back.  My new sweet friend Zaina has inspired me to get back to blogging, so you should all blame her for this crime i'm about to commit :)

It's been more than two years since i've last posted and there's lots of stuff going on these days. I think it's only healthy to vent and ramble even though few people are actually paying attention.

I can imagine that the next few posts will probably have a serious and somewhat depressing edge (or as some fellow egyptians might say: "tutch").  That's normal i guess, posting happy thoughts isn't really my kind of thing.  I tend to enjoy the happy moments and live them without expressing my feelings, whereas the sad moments: well, misery loves company.

You can't say i didn't warn you :)


Anonymous said...

Gotta congratulate u,, bloggin' is such a healthy thing.. A one way 2 keep wheels on track and save a record of life's ups & downs..

For every1 else, u can put the blame on me
BUT, think about it again, now we can easily spy on him ;)

Welcome back Wael :)

grey said...

haha i guess you do have a bit of evilness inside you afterall...

thanks for your comments on my latest posts, zaina..i enjoyed reading them alot

good luck with the spying :)