Thursday, May 24, 2007

i hate it when this happens

i get a missed call on my cell phone from a friend of mine, so i call back to see what's up.

me: alo
him: aywa yabni ezayak
me: tammam ahl, eh el akhbar?
him: enta fel beet?
me: aywa
him: tab kallemny 3al beet delwa2ty
me: tab wenta matkallemtesh 3al beet mel awel leh?
him: makontesh 3aref enak fel beet
me: tayeb.

i call him at home.

him: aywa ba2ollak, hateegy el koleya bokra?
me: isa
him : tab ok..c u there isa..

and this is normally where i slam the phone down in his face.
he couldn't have just said these three words on the cell phone and got it over with??!


Deeeeeee said...

LOOOOOL!! People still do that? You should hear a typical conversation between me and any of my friends!!

Me: 3ayza eih?
Friend: *names the reason why she's calling*
Me: OKay, salam!

... or vice versa! :D

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i even stopped saying the "hi" and "bye"

lol.. its all redundant sent information.... previously expected :D

greyscale said...

deeee: haha..yeah i'm like that too with most of my "normal" friends...but there are some that aren't like that yet..

lasto-adri: you remind me of that episode in friends where phoebe's this successful business woman and she answers her phone by saying "talk to me" or "go"

Fantasia said...

Yeah this is typical of Egyptians. Time has absolutely no value. A person with a brain in his head could have just sent an SMS.

Jannah said...

I hate it when people freak out coz of a cell phone call... it's like any money spent out of their card will be the end of the world!!!
It irritates me!