Saturday, November 10, 2007


Talal is the name of a barber shop in Saudi Arabia. My dad and i where going to the mall one night when i was around 4 years old. He parked the car in a dark street and he told me to remember the name of the nearest shop so we could find the car easily when we return. Talal's Barber. On our way back to the car i proudly anounced that i remember the shop's name and my dad acted like if i hadn't remembered it we would've never found the car. He kept telling me that night that i've got an amazing memory and that i was special. For years later, i would remind him every once in a while that i still remember the shop's name, and he would always act like it was a big deal. It's amazing how the smallest action from the parent can influence a child. This incident has affected me till today actually, it gave me confidence that i was a smart guy throughout my childhood.

why am i blogging this? no particular reason. just a random thought that crossed my mind recently.

what i've been up to in the past few weeks:

* i switched to a new job as a junior architect in an italian/egyptian architecture firm. the work is very exhausting, but the people here are very friendly...they made me feel at home from the first day there. overall, i'm loving it here.

* had an accident with my car, took around 2 weeks to repair it...then had another accident just 2 days ago. no injuries whatsoever, thank God... i think i need to take driving lessons again.

*got exempted from the military service...which is the best news i've heard since graduation:)


gjoe said...

I relate so much to that Talal incident of yours. Everything I used to do when I was a child was always over-appreciated.Till this day,much of my motivation of what ever achievements i reach these days, is basically to "make my parents proud of me".

Mabrook 3ala el sho3'l el gedeed w 3ala e3fet el geesh :)

w alf salama 3ala el 3arabaya..I have to tell you that we had 5 accidents in the past 2 weeks, we stopped fixing the car.."benlassamaha" bass :)

Deeeeeee said...

I think it is very sweet and important that our parents give us a push forward! It creates the healthy psychological ambience for a healthy adult!

Btw, axis of evil are performing in Cairo next week!

greyscale said...

yeah i know!! hopefully i'll be there.