Sunday, September 09, 2007

my first day at work

i'm now working in a leading architecture firm in mohandeseen. today was my first day. i arrived at 8:45 and i spent 5 full hours doing absolutely nothing because there weren't any free computers. they assured me that this problem is only temporary.

anyways, they finally gave me something to do at around 3:00pm but there was no time i was going to be able to finish it by 6:00pm. i ended up staying until 9:30 and now i'm exhausted.


gjoe said...

7amdella 3asslama :D
first day at work u didnt do nothing?
sounds familiar..
I've been in work for a week now and I have been wanting to blog about it, The problem is..The first week was so boring there is nothing really to blog about..:D
it gets better :D

Deeeeeee said...

Congrats! For the first day, i think it is really good they even bothered give you a task. I spent most of my first day at Gjoe's!

Juka said...

Congrats on the new job.

I hate to sound like a party crasher.. but that work day sounds about right... work is pretty much like that, alternating periods of nothing to do and too much to do.

greyscale said...

@gjoe - well they're starting to give me more tasks to do now..but i'm not liking the work itself...i feel like a robot deprived of any creativity at all. i hope it does get better.

@deeeee - yeah i've heard that it's quite normal to do nothing on ur first day of work...makes sense.

@juka - yep. no complaints about that anymore :)

thanks to all of you for the congrats :)