Tuesday, June 05, 2007

random thoughts

- i feel safer with a tank full of gas than with a pocket full of money
maybe that's because i live far away from the city... maybe it's because i own a credit card.

- i've been told several times that using credit cards to borrow money via ATMs is considered "7aram", yet i still use it occasionally.

- five years ago, i would spend most of my free time watching tv... now i only watch tv once a week or so, and it's only to see Amr adib's "el qahira al youm" or "el 3ashera masa2an" on dream tv...

- i enjoyed watching the interview with naguib sawiris in "el 3ashera masa2an" a couple of days ago..i was surprised to see him shed tears in front of the camera.

- i'm 3 weeks away from graduation and i'm not excited. i hate college, but i'm afraid of the responsibility of achieving my dreams...i don't want to be another "mowazaf" who waits till the first day of the month to get his paycheck and goes home to his routine-saturated life.

- i'm worried i'll get called to do the military services after i graduate which will waste another 1-3 years of my life.

- i'm bored


Deeeeeee said...

-Safety: neither.. MY DAD!

-What's 7araam about ATMs?

-TV: its ironic that ten years ago almost anyone I know had only 9 channels and watched TV hysterically..now? No one does!Some of my friends don't even OWN TVs at home!

-Naguib Sawiris: I hope he becomes the next president.. I utterly RESPECT THAT CHARACTER!

Ya Greyscale, everything always turns out for the best, whether you know/understand/like it or not. So wonder.. just don't worry!Its that little thing called "Faith". Good luck with finals. :)

Lazem abattal a-blog in ur comments section!Hane3mel eih ba2a? Its called addiction to other people's thoughts! :D

greyscale said...

no way!! i love ur comments the way they are, plz don't change a thing.
i too am addicted to ur blog but i don't comment that much because i rarely find anything to add.

about the ATMs: i've been told they're "7araam" because borrowing money from them using a credit card (nothing wrong with debit cards) is the exact definition of "riba". you end up paying back more than you originally borrowed...if you buy something from a shop using the credit card there usually is a 50 day interest-free period, so in this case it's ok to use the credit card i guess, but that interest-free period is only available if you BUY stuff from shops, not if you withdraw the money from an ATM.

"so wonder, just don't worry"... i like that...thanks for the advice.

Juka said...

Best of luck at the grad project and graduating. Who knows maybe you won't have to do military service. ISA you'll find a job you love :) maybe even with Naguib :)