Monday, June 25, 2007

don't need the money

if you've been through the 26th of July bridge/me7war in the past 2 weeks you would've seen a huge billboard that says:

Dr.Tamer Something
Soon To Leave the Bachelor World

i'm sorry i do not have its picture, but i'll try to take a photo of it soon.

why would someone do that? a billboard that size on that road would cost alot of money - around 100,000 LE a year. which means that if he rented it for only a month that would be around 8000 LE.

not only that, he rented 2 billboards, so that you could see it if you're going to the 6th of October City, or the other direction - to mohandeseen. which means he spent at least 16000 LE to let people know he's getting married.


unless this is some creative way of advertising a new product or something, which i doubt because i don't see how they can make a connection, then i'm afraid something's wrong with this fellow.


Deeeeeee said...

Quoting my father when he comes across something like that "Rez2 elhobl 3almaganeen"

Ravine85 said...

wow, dr.tamer must be a 70-yr old virgin to be THAT happy about getting married.

greyscale said...

lol..yeah i bet he is.

Jannah said...

that was one desparate man!