Tuesday, May 01, 2007


yesterday was a big day. i woke up to a phone call from my cousin telling me he's in haram and he doesn't have a car, begging me to go pick him up since he's in no mood to go to home (heliopolis) using public transportation.

after i brought him back home with me we stayed for lunch then we started preparing ourselves for what we thought was going to be the highlight of the day: my sister was gonna be competing in the Virgin Megastore Treasure Hunt. if she wins she's gonna get a shopping voucher worth 10,000 LE to use in Virgin.

the competition was tight, she was going up against 2 other people, a boy and a girl, both around her age. to win the competition you have to know everything about virgin megastore (how the products are sorted out inside the store) so that if they ask you to find the Superman DVD you should do so in the least time possible. i of course predicted that the boy was going to win it easily since he would be a faster runner and he would probably have had alot of time to memorize the place. we live in the 6th of october city, so my sister didn't have any chance to go to city stars just to look around...the boy on the other hand probably went there everyday.

when the competition started the guy was running all over the place like crazy...my sister and the other girl looked very lost. Fortunately, the guy did lose some time looking for a specific dvd. my sister was looking for the ricky martin cd and i found it right in front of me, so of course i showed her where it was which made the Virgin guys give me a few words about how unfair that it is and that i shouldn't let it happen again. of course the competition was far from over but that little tip i gave her probably had a lot to do with the final outcome.

my sister ended up winning:)

it turns out that she's not allowed to use the voucher to buy laptop computers, mobile phones, or big-screen tv's. she had to choose between PS3's, ipods, home theaters, dvds, books, music cds......

i was trying to stay away from her and let her make all the decisions, and her fiance was doing the same....everyone else (we were 9 people all together) was giving her all these suggestions that made her really confused...

she ended up getting 2 ipods (one ipod video for her and another ipod nano for yours truly) , PS2, all seasons of Dawsons Creek on dvd (she loves that show), 7 books or so, some music cds, and tons of accessories for the ipods and PS2.

she was really hesitating on whether she should get the PS3 or not but she decided not too since its too expensive and it would mean she would have to get much fewer books and dvd's...

surprisingly, that was not the highlight of my day.

on my way home i was driving too fast as usual. apparently i made a sudden move which caused another car to almost have a major accident....the guy caught up with me and he started giving me these gestures with his hand...he wasn't doing anything rude, it was more like a "what the hell are you doing?!" kind of gesture. i was confused since i didn't remember doing anything extra dangerous so i asked him to stop by the road to see what he was talking about... the guy (in his late 20's) seemed really tense and he started explaining to me that if he hadn't pushed the brakes i would probably be dead now. he gave me a lesson about how i should be considerate about other people's feelings including my parents.

i got the message. i apologized and got into my car, as i took off i saw him sitting inside his car with his friend all shocked and speechless.

i'll definitely drive more carefully in the future.


Deeeeeee said...

Well, congratulations to you and your sister.. AND YES, DRIVE CAREFULLY! Just this morning, someone my age almost got me killed (and it wasn't even my fault this time).. I did feel like pulling over and talking sense into him, but I'm not that extroverted yet! I just heard this morning from a Swiss co-worker of my mother that one of the reasons that slows down tourists coming to Egypt is "car accidents" IT IS THAT BAD HERE! I know Rabena beyostor and all, but that should not be an excuse!! Sorry, for the lecture, but I hear about people (especially our age) dying in accidents on daily basis... last one was "yesterday", glad that wasn't you!

greyscale said...

you're absolutely right.

nothing much to say i guess....thanks for your concern, deeee.

Jannah said...

Oh Pulleeez drive carefully greyscale... I'm sure you scared me on one of those roads hehe!

I love speed driving, but don't usually do it during the rush hour or when there are slowpokes around, I know they won't react. Ah well, I'm glad you're fine & that man was very polite btw.