Friday, January 26, 2007



i've just finished watching a documentary on the 9-11 events...i'm not going to go into any specific details but you HAVE to watch this...i downloaded it off Ares (a p2p program like emule and bearshare). i was looking for season 3- episode 7 of Lost and i found this camouflaging under its name... strangely enough, after watching it i looked for it under the names "september, 9-11, documentary, etc..." but found nothing...

to find it type "lost 7 in sight" in the search panel...the file size is around 510 MB, and it's 54 minutes long...

they're providing convincing evidence that usama bin laden wasn't the one who did the attacks...

this is a must see, really.

the documentary wasn't done by arabs, it was done by this american production company called Power Hour Productions.

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الحصان الأسود said...

Hi Again,

i will look for the name you mentioned, hope to find it through my bearshare

i heard these stories from american friends since more than a year and half maybe, they talk about 32 fleights took ben laden families outa of the states the day before the attacks

they mention that G.W.Bush stayed an hour doing nothing without even talking to no one, so calm by the time of attacks, while he was visiting a school in some other state, and then he got a call, and he didnt show any impression on his face even

American seems to be the most who believe this 9-11 stories are all fake movies done hy hollywood, mean while they are the most who believe that Sadam was a terrorist having nucs and chemicals and believe that american army are stating democracy in the middle east.