Friday, December 01, 2006

the big day

Ok so today is the big day. My sister's engagement party is gonna take place at our home this evening...we've been working for weeks trying to make this day as good as it can be and since she didn't want to have it at a hotel (too formal), it wasn't as easy as we imagined. The tables, lights, flowers, music, camera men and food are all issues we had to deal with. We actually live in a villa with a spacious garden which will supposedly be hosting most of the event.

There are two things I'm terrified of happening tonight. If it rains its gonna be a catastrophe. There simply isn't enough space inside the villa to take 150 guests. If they were just gonna stand there then it's fine, but what are we gonna do when its time to eat? I know it hasn't rained yet in Cairo (except maybe at dawn once), but it is December. Hopefully the weather is gonna be as expected in today's forecast (sunny with a little wind).

The other thing i'm dreadful about is dancing. I'm the worst dancer on earth. Any type of dancing, but of course it's the arabic songs with fast beats that really give me nightmares. I had to beg the DJ not to put the infamous dance anthem today, "el3enab" (the grapes) in his playlist. The problem is that all my relatives know that i suck at dancing and hate it. They'll be setting up pranks days before any wedding or party just to see how i'm gonna react when i'm on the spot. I can't remember any recent wedding where they hadn't pushed me in the middle and then instantaneously made a circle around me while clapping to the damn music. Every time i fall for it. And there always has to be someone recording it on video. When i try to pull someone to dance with me, as to attract some of the attention, no one wants to. Aaaaaah i hate it!!!

ok so lets be realistic, its my sister's engagement party...can i really expect that they won't try to make me dance? it's double the amount of relatives i have in any wedding (both parents this time), and they'll all be teaming up on me. I can't just disappear when it's time to dance. i mean dancing is gonna be a big part of the program... I don't know, maybe i'll fake a broken leg or something.


Dee-Vine said...

aww congrats!
how did it go?

greyscale said...

it was Amazing (coming from a guy who hates weddings and parties in general, that has to mean something). everything was perfect..the weather, food, all the arrangements in general were better than expected and my sister had the time of her life. of course i was still humiliated when it came to dancing and this time a new prank happened: my cousins asked the DJ to play a certain arabic song that i do not know (i don't listen to arabic music very much) and then the DJ announced that i wanted to sing a song for my sister and her fiancee... ofcourse everyone enjoyed watching me scream "MESH 7AFEZ!!" (Don't know the lyrics) right when i was getting handed the microphone...

i'm gonna get back at them one day, i swear...when they least expect it.

but overall it was a beautiful night and i'm glad my family enjoyed it.

thanks for asking Dee-vine and i love the last 2 posts in your blog by the way.

palo-girl said...

:O lol im so jealous!!! i love weddings!!!!!!!!
congratulations :)
and if i was ur relative id do exactly the same thing.. hah dont u just love families?

Dee-Vine said...

heheh.. mabrook mabrook.

Juka said...

Congratulations.. open air wedding.. sounds amazing. Too bad about the prank.

greyscale said...

thanks juka, and welcome to the blog.